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Resources for Church Communications Job Descriptions

We’ve had a blast partnering with the folks at Vanderbloemen on this project!  Together, we’ve been able to develop resources that will help you create fabulous job descriptions for every member of your church communications team.

What’s a Church Communications Director?

If you’re a church communications director, you know that the title comes with a lot of assumptions.  For example, people may think that all you do is print bulletins & scroll social media (or, in our Covid-19 world, help run the live stream).  They believe you have plenty of time to design a graphic for the event they’re holding tomorrow.  They may even view communications as an “extra” role, not a ministry.  You know it’s more than that, but how do you know what responsibilities should or shouldn’t fall under your role?  How do you start “leading up” and work with the rest of the team to establish this as a strategic leadership position? Three words:  Your job description. Or maybe you’re a pastor who would like to have a church communications director.  You KNOW you need someone to help with live streaming, social media, and other things, but you’re not sure what to look for or how to talk about the position with potential candidates.  What’s the best way to figure that out? Three words:  Their job description. If it sounds like I’m repeating myself, well, that’s because I am!  In order to have these kinds of conversations, you have to start somewhere.  A job description is an amazing way to start a conversation about what the communications director (or any marketing/communications role) will look like at your church.  

Free Example Job Descriptions for Church Communications 💭

Because job descriptions are a great communication tool, we’re excited to bring you 25+ example job descriptions, sourced from some of our church partners!  We’ve removed branded language, so it’s easy for you to fit these descriptions to your church’s culture and needs.  Want to know what positions are included?  Here’s a sample:
  • Art Director
  • Communications Director
  • Content Strategist
  • Creative Director
  • Creative Intern
  • Film Director/Video Producer
  • Graphic Designer/Lead Graphic Designer
  • Media Administrative Assistant
  • Video Editor/Lead Video Editor
  • Web Development Manager
  • Writer/Copywriter
You can download the full set of job descriptions here for free.  When you do, you’ll receive a job description template & a free copy of the Vanderbloemen & Church Marketing University Ebook, The Ultimate Guide to Church Communications Job Descriptions

Free Ebook: The Ultimate Guide to Church Communications Job Descriptions

When you’re trying to figure out how a role should fit into your church’s overall structure, job descriptions are great- but to use your job description effectively, you need to have a clear vision for how it will help the church grow.  That can be harder to articulate.  So, whether you’re looking to hire a new team member, or trying to get some clarity on what your own role should be, you need to be guided by both a sense of mission and an understanding of what’s typically involved in the role you’re trying to hire.  That’s what The Ultimate Guide to Church Communications Job Descriptions will help you do. This ebook covers:
  1. Why communications directors are CRUCIAL to the life of a growing church.
  2. Why you need a communications director on your leadership team.
  3. What to look for in a communications director.
  4. How to hire people for other positions on the communications/creative team.
  5. Where to go when you’re ready to start the hiring process.
And that just scratches the surface!  In addition to 100+ hours of our own research, we’ve been privileged to partner with the church hiring experts at Vanderblomen.  They’ve provided valuable insights that will help you make the right hire for a church communications role.  When you download the FREE ebook today, you’ll also get a bundle of example job descriptions (described above) & a job description template.

Free Job Description Template for all your Church Communications Needs!

Are you struggling to find an example job description that fits the role you’re trying to hire?  Not to brag, but we have the perfect fit!  You can download our FREE church communications job description template here. We’re truly not bragging, because the concept behind the template is this: YOU get to decide what’s important for your church.  While we’ve done the work of outlining and setting up the job description for you, it’s still totally customizable.  Our goal was to free you to pray about & focus on what your church needs from this new position, instead of worrying about what sections or particular competencies you need to include. “But wait!” I can hear you saying.  “I don’t know WHAT to put in the job description!  That’s what’s been causing this trouble in the first place!” We hear you!  And that’s why, as we’ve said before, we’ve included tons of example job descriptions, plus the ebook that we’ve partnered with Vanderbloemen to create in the download!  The ebook will walk you through the entire job description process, while the example descriptions will show you what other churches look for in these roles. As always, we pray that these resources help your church become more effective at reaching your community with the good news about Jesus.  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out by leaving us a comment below.  😀

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