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How to Run Church Google Ads

Wondering how to run Google Ads for your church? Download these free guides to learn:

  • ✅ How to apply for the Google Ad Grant
  • ✅ What to do if you get denied
  • ✅ How to write effective Google Ads
  • ✅ What you should know BEFORE running Google Ads
  • ✅ Why your church should use Google Ads
  • ✅ How to get Google Ads for free

    ⛪️ Churches - Don’t use the Google Ad Grant until you know these 5 things

    Can churches really get $10,000 of Google Ads a month? Yes! But don't make these common mistakes when using the Google Ad Grant at your church.

    The 12 Disciples of Church Marketing:

    12 Church Marketing Strategies to Help Grow Your Church

    Need a church marketing strategy? Here are our top 12 picks to help you get started! (You'll probably be surprised by some of our picks!)

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    Free Resources for Non-Profit Organizations

    Is your church missing out on $150,000? Learn about these free and discounted resources for non-profit organizations

    Free Advertising money

    The Ultimate Guide to the Google Ad Grant

    Want your church to show up at the top of Google's search results? Good news! It can, and it doesn't have to cost you a dime with Google's Free Ad Grant for registered nonprofits!

    Easter Kit Pro Upgrade

    Easter Omega Website Solution

    Your website is the first interaction would-be visitors have with your church, so it's a crucial piece of your Easter strategy. If you're ready to take your website to the next level, the Omega platform may be exactly what you're looking for.


    The Ultimate Guide to Website Privacy Policies for Churches

    If you're collecting any sort of personal information on your church's website, you need a privacy policy. Here's how to make one.

    Our Favorite Websites (and Why We Love Them)

    Website Spotlights

    Check out some of our favorite websites and why we love them, plus find inspiration to take your website to the next level!

    Build A New Church Website In 3 Days

    Website Bootcamp

    Website Bootcamp is a fully virtual, 3-day experience. You’ll walk away with a new, highly effective church website that’s ready to launch!

    Free Trial

    Church Marketing Bootcamp

    From understanding the basics of digital marketing to assessing your website, our Church Marketing Bootcamp will set your church up to win for years to come.

    Church Websites

    The Ultimate Guide to Church Website Builders

    Plus, a free website worksheet to execute all of your new ideas.


    So How Do I Develop Web Volunteers?

    One in six Americans have volunteered in a church or nonprofit in the last week...