Practical, actionable steps

20 Church Marketing Tactics to Grow Your Church

We've collected 20 proven church marketing tactics that you can use TODAY to grow your church- no matter its size!

The 12 Disciples of Church Marketing:

12 Church Marketing Strategies to Help Grow Your Church

Need a church marketing strategy? Here are our top 12 picks to help you get started! (You'll probably be surprised by some of our picks!)

Save money and time

The Ultimate Guide to Free Easter Resources for Churches

Celebrating Easter on a budget at your church? We've compiled the best places to find Easter resources on the internet.


Juneteenth: What Churches Need to Know

Pastor Larry Weathers sat down with us to talk about Juneteenth + how churches of all backgrounds can thoughtfully care for the African-American community every day of the year.

Big Events

Rethinking Outreach Events

One Church's Journey from "Big Event" to "Big Impact."

Mother's Day

Crafting a Special Experience on Mother's Day

Mother's Day is often considered the third most common weekend for highest attendance in church.

Big Events

Solving The Next Week Crash

10 Ways to Prevent the Next Week Crash After a Big Event

The Ultimate Easter Kit for Churches

Everything Your Church Needs This Easter

Save weeks of work, look like a genius, and reach a ton of people

Mother's Day

Crafting a Special Experience on Mother's Day

Ideas for the one of the highest attended weekend of the year for churches


Church Photo Booth Guide

A step by step guide to getting you going in the right direction.