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20 Church Marketing Tactics to Grow Your Church

We've collected 20 proven church marketing tactics that you can use TODAY to grow your church- no matter its size!

Grow Your Church

How to Create a Killer Church Social Media Strategy

How do you create social media posts that help your church grow? You need a plan that works! In this article, we'll outline strategies we use to create our Daily Social Media Guides, and help you create a process that works for your church!

The 12 Disciples of Church Marketing:

12 Church Marketing Strategies to Help Grow Your Church

Need a church marketing strategy? Here are our top 12 picks to help you get started! (You'll probably be surprised by some of our picks!)

Social Media

How to Fix a Hacked Facebook Account - and 4 Ways to Prevent It

Is your church's Facebook page or Facebook Ads Account shut down giving you issues? Here's how to fix them- plus tips on how to prevent them!


Juneteenth: What Churches Need to Know

Pastor Larry Weathers sat down with us to talk about Juneteenth + how churches of all backgrounds can thoughtfully care for the African-American community every day of the year.


The Ultimate Guide to Church Photography Policies

Church photography is an amazing tool for sharing the gospel, which is why we’re so passionate about it! So, how do you respect people’s privacy while authentically showcasing the life of your church? This guide will show you how to create a system that works for your church!

Free Resources

The Ultimate List of Social Media Policies for Churches & Ministries

One of the most frequently asked questions I get from the churches and ministries we work with is, “Do you have a social media policy example we could look at?” So we created a Social Media Policy template you can download here.

Church Live Streaming Solution

Live Control Unboxing

Is finding volunteer videographers, sound techs, or knowing what equipment to use is a struggle for you? Live Control might be just what you're looking for!


The Ultimate Guide to Website Privacy Policies for Churches

If you're collecting any sort of personal information on your church's website, you need a privacy policy. Here's how to make one.

Church Marketing

Facebook Favorites Playbook

This one social media tip can make a big difference for your church.

Social Media

Church Instagram Tips from Seth Muse

A recap of our interview with Seth Muse, and 6 tips to help you get started with Instagram or take your church's account to the next level!

Church Marketing University

How to Create a Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

A how-to guide and interview with John Michael Weaver.

Church Marketing University

15 Digital Church Game Changers

Make the leap to all things digital!

Disaster Response

Communicating When Disaster Strikes

Churches need a plan of action before disaster strikes.

A Guest Article from Tanner Di Bella

5 Creative Ideas for your Church Facebook Group

Inspiration to give your facebook groups strategy a boost

Paid Advertising

Thoughts on Building A Paid Ads Strategy

Creating church ad campaigns can be overwhelming. This will help.

Social Media

I Almost Walked Away from Ministry on Christmas Eve

Lessons from a Lead Pastor's Perspective on Social Media and Church Growth.

Social Media

Attending Facebook's First Community Boost Event

An inside look into Facebook's 30 city tour to engage local social media practitioners.

Social Media

Facebook Thrive Guide For Churches

What you need to know in order for your church to thrive on Facebook.