Grow Your Church

How to Create a Killer Church Social Media Strategy

How do you create social media posts that help your church grow? You need a plan that works! In this article, we'll outline strategies we use to create our Daily Social Media Guides, and help you create a process that works for your church!

Get the Word out

The Ultimate Guide to Church Merch

Want to start offering custom merch for your church (or just wondering what other options are out there?). We've created this guide to help you figure out all the logistics!

Online Training

The Metaverse and Virtual Reality Church - The Complete Guide

Wondering how church works in the metaverse- or if it's really even "church"? This guide will help you explore the possibilities!

Save money and time

The Ultimate Guide to Free Easter Resources for Churches

Celebrating Easter on a budget at your church? We've compiled the best places to find Easter resources on the internet.

Are you missing out?

Free Resources for Non-Profit Organizations

Is your church missing out on $150,000? Learn about these free and discounted resources for non-profit organizations

Free Advertising money

The Ultimate Guide to the Google Ad Grant

Want your church to show up at the top of Google's search results? Good news! It can, and it doesn't have to cost you a dime with Google's Free Ad Grant for registered nonprofits!

Free Conference

The Church Marketing Conference

Want to create ministry that reaches more people, is fun, and sustainable? Us too. Here's how to get your ticket to the conference that will help you do just that.


The Ultimate Guide to Website Privacy Policies for Churches

If you're collecting any sort of personal information on your church's website, you need a privacy policy. Here's how to make one.

Outreach & Discipleship

Ten Strategies for Prioritizing Evangelism at Your Church

Ready to start making a bigger impact for the sake of the gospel?

Church Marketing University

How to Create a Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

A how-to guide and interview with John Michael Weaver.

Church Marketing University

15 Digital Church Game Changers

Make the leap to all things digital!

Big Events

Rethinking Outreach Events

One Church's Journey from "Big Event" to "Big Impact."

Recommended Resource

14 Reasons I Love Text In Church

Looking for the best system for your church's texting and follow-up? I have three words for you: Text In Church.

2020 Engage Conference

Fresh Ideas for Church Growth

Sustainable church growth requires engaging the next generation. Get your free ticket to the 2020 Engage Conference and learn how to do just that!

Disaster Response

Communicating When Disaster Strikes

Churches need a plan of action before disaster strikes.

Outreach and Marketing

Outreach and Marketing Lessons From A Millennial Church Planter

Perspectives from a pastor in the trenches planting a church in New Orleans

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