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20 Church Marketing Tactics to Grow Your Church

We've collected 20 proven church marketing tactics that you can use TODAY to grow your church- no matter its size!

Save money and time

The Ultimate Guide to Free Easter Resources for Churches

Celebrating Easter on a budget at your church? We've compiled the best places to find Easter resources on the internet.

Easter Kit Pro Upgrade

Easter Omega Website Solution

Your website is the first interaction would-be visitors have with your church, so it's a crucial piece of your Easter strategy. If you're ready to take your website to the next level, the Omega platform may be exactly what you're looking for.

Easter Marketing Upgrade

Google Ad Grant

Get your church ready for Easter by getting to the first page of Google!

Church Marketing University

How to Create a Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

A how-to guide and interview with John Michael Weaver.

Church Marketing University

15 Digital Church Game Changers

Make the leap to all things digital!

Big Events

Rethinking Outreach Events

One Church's Journey from "Big Event" to "Big Impact."

Free Easter Resources

Inside the Ultimate Easter Kit

Explore the free Easter resources for churches available inside the 2024 Ultimate Easter Kit.

Big Events

Solving The Next Week Crash

10 Ways to Prevent the Next Week Crash After a Big Event

The Ultimate Easter Kit for Churches

75 Easter Marketing Tips For Churches

One minute Easter tips for your church.

The Ultimate Easter Kit for Churches

Your Guest Follow Up Plan This Easter

Let's create an easy opportunity for a guest to come back to your church

The Ultimate Easter Kit for Churches

Harnessing the Power of Social Media This Easter

Social media can unlock an entire world of possibilities. 

The Ultimate Easter Kit for Churches

The Checklist Your Church Needs This Easter

it is not too late to pull off an incredible Easter at your church

The Ultimate Easter Kit for Churches

Everything Your Church Needs This Easter

Save weeks of work, look like a genius, and reach a ton of people