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The Church Marketing Conference

Want to create ministry that reaches more people, is fun, and sustainable? Us too. Here's how to get your ticket to the conference that will help you do just that.


Church Marketing University Fall Enrollment

At 67% off, plus a bonus second year and lifetime access to the Church Marketing Conference, Fall of 2020 is the BEST time to enroll in Church Marketing University. Ends October 15th.

Church Marketing University

Conference Help Center

If you find yourself saying (or singing), "Help!" during the Church Marketing Conference, this post is for you.

Free Conference

The Church Marketing Conference Lineup

All the speakers.  All the topics.

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Engage One-Day Conference 2020

Text In Church has done it again! On August 20th, they'll be hosting a one-day conference to help you connect with guests and get them coming back.

Conference Recap

2020 Church Online Summit Recap

Our 12 Favorite Tips from the Church Online Summit 2020- in case you miss it or you missed it!

2020 Engage Conference

Fresh Ideas for Church Growth

Sustainable church growth requires engaging the next generation. Get your free ticket to the 2020 Engage Conference and learn how to do just that!

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Engage Conference 2020

Learn about using digital tools from 30+ experts in church growth at the free 2020 Engage Conference.

Paid Advertising

Thoughts on Building A Paid Ads Strategy

Creating church ad campaigns can be overwhelming. This will help.

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