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Free Resources for Non-Profit Organizations

Is your church missing out on $150,000? Learn about these free and discounted resources for non-profit organizations

Free Conference

The Church Marketing Conference

Want to create ministry that reaches more people, is fun, and sustainable? Us too. Here's how to get your ticket to the conference that will help you do just that.

Free Advertising money

The Ultimate Guide to the Google Ad Grant

Want your church to show up at the top of Google's search results? Good news! It can, and it doesn't have to cost you a dime with Google's Free Ad Grant for registered nonprofits!


The Ultimate Guide to Church Photography Policies

Church photography is an amazing tool for sharing the gospel, which is why we’re so passionate about it! So, how do you respect people’s privacy while authentically showcasing the life of your church? This guide will show you how to create a system that works for your church!


Church Marketing University Fall Enrollment

At 67% off, plus a bonus second year and lifetime access to the Church Marketing Conference, Fall of 2020 is the BEST time to enroll in Church Marketing University. Ends October 15th.

Church Marketing University

Conference Help Center

If you find yourself saying (or singing), "Help!" during the Church Marketing Conference, this post is for you.

Guest Experience and Follow Up

Evangelism Ideas Throughout the Year

Looking for evangelism ideas to carry throughout the year? Here's how to make the most of opportunities like Easter, Christmas, Mother's Day and VBS. Plus, suggestions for connecting with new people!

Free training

Church Planting: Build Awareness of your Church

We've partnered with the Church Multiplication Network and Life.Church's Open Network to provide church planters with this free training on church marketing! Here's what's included.

Outreach & Discipleship

Ten Strategies for Prioritizing Evangelism at Your Church

Ready to start making a bigger impact for the sake of the gospel?

8 Ideas for Battling Screen Fatigue and Declining Online Attendance

Worried about people becoming disengaged? Here are our top 8 ideas for boosting online attendance.

Church Marketing University

Is Church Marketing Biblical?

A Biblical overview of church marketing.

Church Marketing University

The Church Marketing Assessment

Planning your church's marketing strategy? Here's a tool to help.

Church Marketing University

How to Create a Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

A how-to guide and interview with John Michael Weaver.

Church Marketing University

15 Digital Church Game Changers

Make the leap to all things digital!

Big Events

Rethinking Outreach Events

One Church's Journey from "Big Event" to "Big Impact."

Church Marketing University

Church Marketing Series

Seven specific breakthrough findings we discovered from an assessment of over 2,000 churches

Church Marketing University

Church Growth Breakthrough Series

Learn what growing churches are doing that declining churches are not doing.

Paid Advertising

Thoughts on Building A Paid Ads Strategy

Creating church ad campaigns can be overwhelming. This will help.

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