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Building a Great Volunteer Team

Volunteers are a vital aspect of building a church. With this comes the pressure of finding the right volunteers, training them up, and maintaining a solid team.

The first step towards allowing your volunteer ministry to thrive is to recruit. Recruiting volunteers can often seem like a daunting task. Perhaps you feel as if you are being asked to predict the future when it comes to volunteer recruitment? If this is you, do not panic. We have outlined some of the key aspects of volunteer recruitment so that you can boost your confidence when it comes to your team.

Some of the keys to effective volunteer recruitment are:

  • Looking for people who bring new skills to the table
  • Allowing a trial run for volunteers to ensure that this is the right fit for them, as well as the church
  • The people who are most likely to be interested in serving are the people who have been impacted by that area in ministry

We believe that your volunteer ministry can consistently grow and succeed. We want to see your abilities enhanced to lead great team meetings, build effective social media teams, and much more.

Volunteers are a fundamental, integral part of every successful church. We want to provide you with resources to make all of this possible, which is why we created the volunteers course. It’s a step by step guide where we bring in experts like Adam McLaughlin who help you navigate the nuances of implementing these ideas.

We invite you to dive into this course we’ve designed with you in mind and empower your volunteer team to start growing itself!

ps: We’re love throwing out free tips on all things marketing, and we want to notify you when they go live!

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