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The Church Marketers Book Club

Do you ever find yourself thinking, “I wish I knew more about…”, then shrugging your shoulders because you’ll never have time to learn?

Are you tired of having to make uninformed decisions whenever a crisis arises?

Do you wish you felt more equipped to handle the challenges that inevitably arise as you communicate within a church?

The struggle is real.  Responsibilities, emergencies, and the last-minute chaos of everyday life can make finding time to learn and grow difficult.  But when we aren’t taking the time to learn, those challenges become even harder to navigate.

That’s why I love the Church Marketing University Book Club.  It forces me to sit down at least quarterly and learn something that will make my life better- whether that’s improving communications with no budget (Thanks, Less Chaos, Less Noise!) or employing strategies for actually treating the digital world like a mission field (Thanks, From Social Media to Social Ministry!).  Plus, after reading, I get to discuss what I’ve read with some pretty cool people inside the Church Marketers Facebook Group.

How to Join the Book Club

If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, joining is pretty simple!

  1. Make sure you’re part of the Church Marketers Facebook Group so that you can connect with fellow book club participants AND discuss the book ahead of our meetings!
  2. Read the book!  Our next read Building a Storybrand by Donald Miller.
  3. Fill out this form (coming soon!) if you want to be in the loop about what we’re reading each quarter.

That’s it!  Really.  You don’t have to be a Church Marketing University pupil to participate.  As long as you love Jesus, church marketing/communications,  AND reading, you’ll fit right in.

So if you’re ready to learn alongside a fabulous group of church leaders and communicators, we’d love to have you in the Church Marketing University Book Club!

What we’re reading/Next Discussion

We host discussions quarterly inside the Church Marketers Facebook Group.

Our next book is Building a Storybrand by Donald Miller.  You can buy it here.

We’ll be hosting our next discussion inside the Church Marketers Facebook Group on March 4, 2021 at 11 Central!

Book/Discussion Archive

If you’re looking for a great church marketing-related read, or are just curious about what we’ve discussed in the past, here’s an archive of our past discussions:

Boomerang by Tyler Smith and Ali Hofmeyer

Watch our discussion/interview with the authors here.

From Social Media to Social Ministry by Nona Jones

Watch our community discussion here.

Less Chaos, Less Noise by Kem Meyer

Watch our community discussion here.

Watch our interview with Kem here.

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