Let's Make Heaven More Crowded

We’re obsessed with helping your church get more visitors every week. 

Did you hear the news? CMU and Church Fuel are now one team working together to guide churches to greater health and growth.

Church Marketing University is designed to help your church reach your city in a way that saves you time, builds your team, and grows your budget. The goal is to help your church see more visitors each week and more lives changed than ever before!

Who's CMU For?

Church Growth Ideas

Jesus-Centered Pastors and Churches

Every church is looking to grow and see more visitors each week. But every church faces unique challenges and obstacles. Our Visitor Growth Engine can help every church grow regardless of size or budget.

Church Marketing University Church Growth Tools

Smaller Churches

We know not every church can afford a marketing and communications team. But that doesn't mean you can't get the word out and reach your city.

"CMU really treats you like family not just like a subscriber." — Douglas Faulk Jr.

Church Planters

A church plant that already understands the importance of marketing and wants to start with a powerful marketing system.

Ryan Keller

"CMU has been critical in helping us launch our church. I tell all my church planting friends around it.." — Ryan Keller

Limited Budgets

Looking for ways to leverage your existing budget and still reach more people? We can help you get more visits regardless of your budget.

Church Comms

Thrown into the deep end of church communications? Don't get overwhelmed. We've got all the help you need.

Growing Teams

Any church who wants to use CMU as professional development for their creative and ministry teams.


Ryan Wakefield

Ryan loves to help church leaders reach more people using new tools- and you’ll see the evidence of that through every part of CMU! As the team grows, he’s finding that one of the best ways to do that is to focus on organizational development so that we can continue to innovate and serve churches at a high level.


Chris Abbott

You’ll find Chris at the forefront of whatever method is going to help your church get more visitors- he’s passionate about keeping up to date with trends (so you don’t have to!) and finding new technologies that will make your life easier. If you’re ready to be inspired by what’s possible at your church, then check out his coaching inside CMU or his YouTube Channel.

church-marketing-university- molly-pelic-google-ads

Molly Pelic

Molly oversees our Google Ads team- which means that if you’re in Grow, she’s working tirelessly to make sure we know all about Google’s latest changes and how we can maximize the Grant for your church! Her superpower is creating systems that help bring your ministry to the next level… Like some of the exciting things we’ll be rolling out over the next few months!

Caleb Steele

Caleb is constantly thinking about how to create tools that can help churches reach into their communities- that’s why you’ll LOVE talking to him about Outreach Strategy & the Ministry First Marketing Campaigns he helps develop for our Grow Churches. But his real superpower is his heart for pastors- if you get his help once during office hours, you’ll see what we mean!

Nathan Teegarden

If you’ve ever benefited from a CMU Kit, Course, or Bootcamp, you have Nathan to thank! He brings his expertise as a pastor to creating resources that churches can easily use, and he uses his project management skills to help keep the rest of us working toward those goals!

Cheri Pelic

Cheri coordinates our Customer Success Team, which is a fancy way of saying she’s here to cheer you on, encourage you when you get stuck, and celebrate when you win! She’s especially amazing at listening and helping you untangle complicated problems- so if your church is ever in a bind, Cheri and her team have your back!

Allison Harris

Allison helps churches in our Grow program by building their custom Google Ads and making sure their accounts are running smoothly. If you see her during open office hours, you’ll want to befriend her ASAP, because she’s usually in charge of our coffee giveaways!

Amy Wakefield

Amy serves behind the scenes, running payroll, keeping books, and making sure the team has everything they need! She’s also an amazing resource on kids ministry, with years of experience volunteering in the kids department at Summit Park Church.

Andrew Alkire

Andrew helps churches and leaders figure out how to improve their digital presence or get across the finish line. His superpower is encouragement, and he loves helping leaders find simple, impactful next steps to reach more people for God’s glory.

Maxwell Pelic

If there’s a tech issue you can’t figure out, chances are we’re going to call on Max to help you solve it. Max is also our resident hacker, which means he’s busy at work developing new solutions that will make it possible for us to serve you better!

Eva Mathews

If you enjoy receiving emails from CMU, being part of the Church Marketers Facebook Group, or getting your scholarship application approved, you should thank our administrative ninja Eva! She’s responsible for these and other behind-the-scenes projects that keep CMU running smoothly- and she makes the BEST movie references in the process!

Kasey Abbott

As part of the Customer Success team, Kasey assists customers with billing and account management, general questions, and getting you in contact with the right people. If you ever have to talk to Kasey, you’re going to love it- she’s a ray of sunshine and a whiz at getting your problems solved quickly!

Mary Deckert

If you’re reading something Mary’s had a part in creating, you’re benefiting from her over 40 years of experience in communications! She’s gifted at researching and bringing relevant information to life through words- as you’ll see if you read one of the many playbooks, guides, or other resources she’s written for your church.


Paul Wakefield

Paul is Ryan's older bother - best known for his bow hunting skills. He also does an amazing job setting up Google Ad campaigns for churches and helping them navigate the Google Grant approval process.

Are you the one?

We don’t teach mass marketing. We teach ministry first marketing that allows you to leverage technology to reach your community one person at a time, because each one matters. But it takes someone at your church willing to try something new. Our community is full of those ones. The one person willing to do something different, willing to keep trying—the one person who won’t give up on reaching even the most lost. If you’re that one, you’re not alone. Let’s do it together.