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75 Easter Marketing Tips for Churches


✔Best stewardship of resources ($ & time)

✔Reach maximum number of people

✔Long term impact and discipleship

Sounds like a high bar — and it is!  Let Church Marketing University guide you through the Easter marketing strategy, planning process, and methods to meet all three goals without the craziness that comes from trying everything and hoping something works!

Why should you start planning Easter with Mother’s Day? What is vomit-marketing and how do you avoid it? What does ordering your burritos online have to do with church marketing? And why does Walmart put their Easter candy on the shelves way before Easter?

The CMU Easter Tips one-minute videos will answer all of these questions and more.  This series does more than just teach you how to market your church, it gives you a marketing mindset to help you understand the why behind every method and action. These short videos can help your church reach more people this Easter, but even more importantly, they can help you lay the groundwork for long-term impact in the lives of people you reach.   

75 tips — where do you start and how do you take it all in? Here’s a viewer’s guide to get you started with first things first – the strategy and plan – and then move you through the methods.  



Tip #1 The Goal is Long-Term Discipleship

Tip #2 Surround It In Prayer

Tip #3 Thoughts On Branding

Tip #4 Start Early (ASAP)

Tip #5 Start with Mother’s Day

Tip #7 Plan For Follow-Up / Long-Term Impact

Tip #8 Strategically Choose Series After Easter

Tip #9 More About The Series After Easter

Tip #10 Get Your Ministries And Teams Aligned

Tip #11 Check Your Team / Ministry Alignment

Tip #12 Who Can You Develop To Help Lead The Effort?

Tip #14 Budget Strategy – Don’t Spend It All On Easter

Tip #15 Why Easter Should look A Lot Like Other Sundays

Tip #16 Why You Should Promote Mother’s Day At Easter

Tip #17 Marketing Timeline Basics

Tip #22 Check/Improve Your Delegation Ability

Tip #23 Prioritize Reaching The Next Generation

Tip #25 Why Photography Is So Important

Tip #26 Why Photography Is So Important – Part 2

Tip #28 The Importance Of A Follow-Up Strategy

Tip #29 Automating and Personalizing Follow-Up

Tip #31 Keep Learning About Your Audience

Tip #32 Three Important Ways To Get People To Invite



Tip #27 Free Planning Checklist

Tip #6 Personal Invites

Tip #13 Implementing The Facebook Pixel & Custom Audiences

Tip #18 Organize Your Easter ideas And Resources Centrally

Tip #19 Do A Simple Clean Up On Your Website

Tip #20 Create A Central Photo File

Tip #21 Get The Word Out For Free

Tip #24 Set Up Kids Online Pre-Registration

Tip #30 Advance Preparation For Follow-Up

Tip #33 Boost The Power Of Social Media

Tip #34 Reaching Your Neighbors

Tip #35 Get A Fresh Set Of Eyes On Your Facility

Tip #36 Ideas To Make It Fun For Kids

Tip #37 Strategic Kids’ Gift Ideas

Tip #38 Strategic Visitor Gift Ideas



Tip #39 Get Motivated – Walmart Already is!



Tip #40 Get Access To More Strategy And Methods


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