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Julianne leads our communications team, which means she’s here to make sure you get connected with information and coaching to help your church get more visitors! You’ll probably see her the most in... read more

Are you tired of doing the same thing at church every week, and seeing no growth?

Are you tired of working hard on your church’s social media posts and live streams, only to have your efforts reach a shrinking and unenthusiastic audience?

Are you ready to make an impact, and see new people visiting your church (whether you’re online or off) every single week?

If you answered “yes!” to the previous questions, then you’re going to love Church Marketing University.

What is Church Marketing University?

Church Marketing University is a collection of courses and real-time coaching that helps your church see new visitors each week.  It’s designed to save you time, build your team, and save you money.  You already have a full-time job.  We’re here to help you build sustainable, healthy systems to help your church reach new people with the gospel!

If you’re interested in what our courses cover, you can see a preview here.  If you need a quick answer to a question, you can jump into our Facebook Group.  If you want more information about what we offer, you can find that here.

The special Fall Enrollment pricing and bonuses end on Thursday, October 15th at 11:59 p.m..

Compare all that to the money you’d spend to send one person to a weekend conference, sending one person on an overseas missions trip, or even bringing in a guest speaker for one Sunday. All of those can be great investments, but I think you’ll find even more value in a full year inside CMU.

How Can I Explain Church Marketing University to my Team?

Whether or not your church enrolls is a team decision, and we get that.  That’s why we created this page, to help you explain what it is, and show other members of your team how it can help them in their area of ministry!

If you need a quick rundown, here’s how CMU is designed to help each member of your team:

  • Church Marketing University will help your communications team stay up-to-date on the most effective ways to use the different mediums, with an emphasis on impact.  You’ll be taught hands-on, practical ways to engage people both on and offline, no matter the size or season of your church.
  • Church Marketing University helps pastors and leaders grow their church in healthy, sustainable ways.  With our training and coaching, you’ll be able to empower volunteers and staff to help your church grow in healthy, sustainable ways- freeing you up to focus on ministry!
  • Church Marketing University makes finance departments and board members really happy.  If you implement our coaching on generosity, it more than pays back your initial financial investment.  (And that’s not even considering the inestimable value of just one person accepting Jesus as their Savior!)
  • Finally, Church Marketing University helps volunteers and church staff connect the dots between what they’re doing and the mission of your church.  Plus, access to unlimited questions and training means that you’re never alone when a new challenges arise.

If you’re interested in joining Church Marketing University, now is the best time to enroll.  On October 15th, our Fall Enrollment closes and the price goes back up to $2997 per year.  So, it’s worth having those discussions while your team still has time to get access at our discounted rate!

I Still Have Questions!

We got you!  Here are some questions church leaders like you have been asking about our Fall Enrollment:

Why do you say that enrollment is the best time to join?

Church Marketing University enrollment gets you access to everything for a full year at a discounted rate. Plus, you get a bonus second year free.

What’s the price?

During this Fall Enrollment, you get access for 67% off. That’s marked down from $2997 to $997. If you prefer monthly payments, we have an option for that, too.

Can I still get lifetime access to the Church Marketing Conference?

If you join before October 15th, you get lifetime access to the Church Marketing Conference!  (Plus immediate access to our past conferences, including the 2019 Social Church Conference and the 2018 Facebook Ads Conference.)

How many people from my church can use CMU?

Your entire team gets access to everything. You’ll love using CMU to recruit, train, and empower volunteers. Plus, your team gets unlimited questions throughout the courses.

What does my enrollment include?

You’ll have immediate access to our 30+ courses, plus our current kits and bonuses like GenerosityU. You will also get access to any new course, conference, or episodes we add along the way as well as access to all the done-for-you resources, kits, playbooks, art files, spreadsheets, or any downloads we add over the next two years.

What if we need help as things change? Will there be updates along the way?

Our team is working hard to bring you the most up-to-date information. Your team also gets access to the Church Marketing University Exclusive Facebook Group for real-time coaching. (This is different than our Church Marketers Facebook Group, which anyone can join)

How do I know this is a good investment?

We understand that you have a budget to balance- that’s why we’re committed to making sure the Church Marketing University is an asset, not a liability. Your enrollment includes access to our Generosity Boost Series. (If you implement the principles in this course, CMU should be a moneymaker for your church.) It also includes GenerosityU, a 12-week financial recovery plan for your church.

I prefer a payment plan. Can I still enroll?

Definitely! The 12-month $97 plan is a payment plan that allows you to spread out your investment.

What if I want to drop out?

We offer a 30-day money-back, no questions asked guarantee.

I’m seeing a lot of courses about social media and communication. Is there anything for my tech team?

Your team gets access to the bonus courses: Church Audio University, Video Editing Course, and the Live Streaming Course.

If you have more general questions about CMU, you can find more information here.