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Just a quick testimony!! We’ve been doing a thing that we call the “Make Heaven Crowded campaign” having members post and do pictures and make staggered Yelp reviews etc. Still believing for finances to let the CMU team run our Google ads!! (Yall are crazy amazing)

But – JUST USING THE TOOLS CMU HAS PROVIDED – here’s the testimony ~ IN 5 WEEKS (3 M.H.C. ASKS) ~
– we increased our monthly impressions by 7.75k, and increased our website visits by 140. (GOOGLE)
– we increased plan your visits (usually about 2 a month) to 15 this month!
– Our YELP account recorded 50 website visits and 20 directions asked!
It’s just a start – we have BIG, HAIRY, GIANT goals ~ but I’m excited so far.

Matthew Tarkington, Faith4life Church

Just wanted to drop you a word of thanks and encouragement.

We eventually launched our prayer ads and here are the results from 48 hours at $7 per day.

10 Prayer requests
2 PYVs

We are super excited that we are praying for and ministering to our city.
So much more I could say but for now thank you to you and the team for giving us the tools to fulfill dreams and make an impact.

Ian Nundy, Vision

Your team is awesome!! We worked with another “agency” and it was fruitless. Jumped into Grow and had issues getting reapproved and the right account numbers for Ads. Anyway, CMU jumped in and fixed it all up!! #rockstars

Robert Kelly, Rescue Culture Church

Just checking in with how awesome the prayer ads have been for us. we are on our second week now. Last week we had a lady who showed up and now her sister and husband got saved and want to be baptized next week. I’ll post a pic of them if they do.

Plus I just had another lady do a plan a visit from the prayer ads a few minutes ago. That’s 31 prayer requests (in 2 weeks or less) through the chatbox plus probably another 20 who just posted their prayer request on the facebook ad itself.

Greg Gates, The Point Church

Are you the one?

We don’t teach mass marketing. We teach ministry first marketing that allows you to leverage technology to reach your community one person at a time, because each one matters. But it takes someone at your church willing to try something new. Our community is full of those ones. The one person willing to do something different, willing to keep trying—the one person who won’t give up on reaching even the most lost. If you’re that one, you’re not alone. Let’s do it together.